Welcome to RiverCity Gothenburg, the largest urban development project in Scandinavia.

One of the largest urban development projects in Scandinavia, RiverCity Gothenburg will see Gothenburg city centre double in size. By connecting the city, embracing the water and reinforcing the centre, we are committed to creating an inclusive, green and dynamic inner city open to the world. Emerging along both sides of the river, RiverCity Gothenburg spans Backaplan, the Central Station area, Frihamnen, Gullbergsvass, Lindholmen, Ringön and the Södra Älvstranden. The objective is to build a total of 25,000 new apartments and 45,000 new workplaces. You can track the progression of the project here.

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Situated in Lindholmen Science Park, the Älvrummet Information Center is solely dedicated to the development of Gothenburg. Here is a source of inspiration and information on the future of the city.
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