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About Jubileumsparken

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The building workshop is open between the 15th of April and the 10th of May and anyone* is welcome to participate. The application opens in the middle of March and you can apply during the complete building period, where anyone interested can fill out a form containing information on what types of tools one can handle, which tools someone would like to learn and what they would prefer to do. No prior knowledge is required, you can learn on site!

Learn more of the building steps here. CONSTRUCTION PHASES

200 kids from pre-schools from all around Gothenburg got their feet wet and experimented with waterplay during the Gothenburg City Triennale in 2018. The test took place in the Jubilee Park, Frihamnen with POP-UP Bygglek, a traveling build and play organization. Together, the kids and the pedagogues built water roads, dug channels and really put their rainwear to the test!

During the spring of 2019 it’s time for the next construction phase. Recetas Urbanas (a Spanish architecture collective) is coming to Gothenburg to develop the next step of the Jubilee Park. A shelter from the rain takes the form of a playroom filled with water and pedagogy. The construction of the shelter will be done together with the public. This project aims to commonly create a pedagogical room filled with play and curiosity to create a better understanding of what happens when rain falls from the sky hitting hard, soft, green, blue or grey surfaces of the city.






*Participants under 15 years of age require a responsible adult and participants between 15-18 years old requires written consent from guardian

Welcome to Jubileumsparken!

Jubileumsparken is part of the programme marking the 400th anniversary of Gothenburg, and much is planned here and in the rest of Frihamnen some time into the future.

The objective is to integrate the area into an inclusive, green, dynamic part of the inner city. Elements of this vision can already be seen in the park, before construction has even started. Jubileumsparken is a culmination of the input provided by local residents ahead of the city’s 400th anniversary celebrations and the development of RiverCity Gothenburg. Over the course of public dialogues, it emerged that many were in favour of the inclusion of green spaces and close proximity to the water – and Jubileumsparken ticks both of these boxes. The park is also an area where new activities and features can be tested. This is a new approach to urban development, with people allowed to gradually take over the area and make it their own.