Our districts

While RiverCity Gothenburg should be regarded as an integrated area, each district has its own set of challenges and resources. In order to retain their unique character and identity, the districts must be allowed to develop simultaneously in line with their differing requirements and time-scales.

In 2020, the outdated Göta älv Bridge will be demolished and replaced by the new Hisingen Bridge (Hisingsbron), incorporating a street in the city which leads over the water and connects the riverbanks. You can follow the progress of this work at goteborg.se

Encompassing Gothenburg’s approach to urban development, the Riverside model is primarily concerned with stimulating interaction between the City, industry and local residents. We work in different ways through a variety of projects, depending on the unique demands of the situation and the challenges we face.

As demonstrated in the current example – Frihamnen Phase 1 – the consortium model involves a number of participants joining forces in order to collectively advance the area’s plans in relation to properties, green spaces, businesses and infrastructure.

We have been mandated by our elected politicians to ensure the development of a thriving city in line with the three sustainability objectives. The realisation of the RiverCity Gothenburg vision will see the continuation of a broad network of collaboration.