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Backaplan – a changing area

Backaplan will be transformed from a retail park with large concrete expanses into a green, dense, vibrant urban environment, with the area playing a vital role in uniting the city across the river. Combining housing, amenities, offices and retail outlets, Backaplan will form the heart of Hisingen, while Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen will be developed into a local hub and an inviting meeting place.

The Kvillebäcken Consortium website
Plans online – The development of Backaplan centre and local hub

New property owners at Backaplan

Camilla Lidholm Projektledare Backaplan, Fastighetskontoret 031-368 13 19 camilla.lidholm@fastighet.goteborg.se
Inger Bergström Projektledare Backaplan, Stadsbyggnadskontoret 031-368 19 48 inger.bergstrom@sbk.goteborg.se