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Alongside the development of Frihamnen, Ringön will also experience change. Ringön is created by those who are working, visiting and passing through the area and fill it with life and activity. Companies are and always will continue to be important for the character and development of Ringön. The idea is to expand the area slowly and naturally to maintain Ringöns character. Diversity is the key word.

A variety of enterprises currently operate side by side on Ringön, and this diversity is a resource to be harnessed and reinforced. The area will be encouraged to develop under its own steam, while at the same time, there will be scope for industry undergoing change. This variation is a resource that must be protected and strengthened.

The small-scale distribution of properties featuring a wide range of enterprises makes it possible for the gradual development of an area in which the old and new, and the low-cost and expensive merge to form a dynamic whole.

The people who work at Ringön have managed to create a sense of community and also an acceptance that different companies may coexist in Ringön. This is an asset for the whole of Gothenburg that should be protected and strengthened. The short-term plan is to showcase the area’s qualities, both from the perspective of enterprise and the physical benefits on offer, with close proximity to the river. For obvious reasons, the link provided by the new bridge over to Hisingen will have an impact on the current development as well as the enterprises in the surrounding area.

The range between the new enterprises at Frihamnen and the existing enterprises at Ringön is an important factor in the development process, alongside other initiatives which open Ringön up to the rest of Gothenburg and lay the foundations for a more mixed and assorted area.

Since 2012, the City of Gothenburg has worked with property owners and businesses in Ringön to get a clearer picture of the opportunities and obstacles. In September 2012, the Gothenburg Property Management Administration arranged a workshop on Ringön based on a Dutch method, Spontaneous City. The objective of the event was to bring people together from a range of areas and disciplines to discuss and collaborate on the future of Ringön.

After the workshop, the city’s collaboration with the companies at Ringön has continued. Several innovative initiatives have been implemented, such as creating a more creative environment along Järnmalmsgatan, the art gallery Järnhallen, the art festival “Hall of Fame” and the project “Saltet på Ringön” with their island party which had over 12,000 visitors in 2017.

The City of Gothenburg has also presented guidelines to enable temporary altered use in existing buildings, for example an evening restaurant. There is no deadline when the area is ready. It is an ongoing process that will be developed from the power of the active.

Matilda Landén Project Manager Ringön, Property Management Administration +46-31-368 12 99 matilda.landen@fastighet.goteborg.se
Karin Slättberg Project Manager Ringön, City Planning Authority +46-31-368 17 32 karin.slattberg@sbk.goteborg.se