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The Central Station area

The Central Station area is one of Gothenburg’s most important urban development districts. In future, traffic routes will play a less prominent role in the new entrance of the city, with local residents and visitors brought together in an inviting urban environment. The whole area will feature dense, mixed and assorted, inner-city surroundings incorporating attractive paths and places, greenery and water, and will also function as a regional hub.

The Central Station area forms part of the urban axis which is set to be developed over the river to Wieselgrensplatsen, via Backaplan, and towards Nya Gullbergsvass in the north. Although the district is currently dominated by traffic, there is considerable potential here for new development, places and links which can contribute to the development of the city and the region and enhance the area’s role as an inviting entrance to the city. Moreover, the new West Link station at Central Station represents a major addition to the area’s public transport provision.

Within 20 years, the district will play host to 2,000 residences and around 16,000 new employment opportunities in addition to cultural attractions, green spaces and vibrant street life. The area will be based on multi-functional urban development, with blocks designed to prioritise pedestrians and feature attractive façades, greenery and meeting places.

The urban development programme for the Central Station area will play a leading role. The aim of the programme is to provide a comprehensive overview of the layout of new developments and public spaces. With the Central Station area set to be developed over a period of several decades, the programme is being revised on an ongoing basis. The first version was released in May 2014, and work on updating the document to version 2.0 took place during 2015.

The realisation of the vision for the Central Station area involves a complex interaction between traffic solutions and urban development concepts. The section of Götaleden which is being built over is a small part of the area which will connect Central Station with Götaleden. During the spring, the local development plan for street overbuild will be submitted for consultation, while land allocation for the very first four districts will soon get under way.

This also involves studying the optimum heights of buildings and taking the windy climate into account while still creating places and environments where people enjoy spending time.

Åsa Huffmeier Projektledare Centralenområdet, Fastighetkontoret 031- 368 10 66 asa.huffmeier@fastighet.goteborg.se
Per Osvalds Projektledare Centralenområdet, Stadsbyggnadskontoret 031-368 18 51 per.osvalds@sbk.goteborg.se