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Södra Älvstranden

Södra Älvstranden is one of West Sweden’s most exciting future areas. In an area spanning 0.5 km2, just over 500,000 m2 of land is earmarked for development – primarily housing and offices.

The Södra Älvstranden comprises the Skeppsbron, Masthuggskajen and Stigberget sub-projects, with Järntorget/Järnvågen forming the focal point and interconnecting hub.

New building work is currently planned in two main areas. Skeppsbron, with around 450 residences and 1,200 workplaces, will get under way first, followed by the area from Järnvågen to Amerikahuset, which is set to be boosted by approximately 2,500 residences and 7,000 workplaces.

The plans for the Södra Älvstranden also include a new terminal for archipelago boats, a park and a bathing facility in front of Rosenlundsverket.

Progress at Skeppsbron has been swift, with two new tram lines under construction, which will link Järntorget with Lilla Torget. A new travel centre at Stenpiren was completed and opened in January 2016.

Construction of the Södra Älvstranden as a whole will be completed by 2027.

Rune Arnesen Projektchef Södra Älvstranden, Älvstranden Utveckling AB +46-31-368 96 61 rune.arnesen@alvstranden.goteborg.se
Per Osvalds Project Manager Södra Älvstranden, City Planning Authority +46-31-368 18 51 per.osvalds@sbk.goteborg.se