Skeppsbron has long been an unutilised area primarily used for parking, but it will soon be a new, central meeting place by the river for the residents of Gothenburg, with bathing facilities, a travel centre and a hive of activity on the quay.

Lying between Stenpiren and Rosenlundskanalen, Skeppsbron enjoys a central location in close proximity to the river. With traffic an obstacle for a number of years, the Göta Tunnel now enables the area to reconnect with the water. Within a few years, Skeppsbron will be transformed into a dynamic meeting place on the river, playing host to 400 new residences and 30,000 m2 of space for shops, restaurants and offices.

Work on the Local Development Plans for Skeppsbron commenced back in 2008 through a series of dialogues in which local residents, industry and experts offered input on the development of the Southern river shore. Since then, many people have become engaged in planning work for the area. Examples of ideas and input which were submitted and subsequently included in the adopted Local Development Plan are the preservation of Merkurhuset and Kinesiska Muren, a park with a bathing area by the quay, a tram line and a vibrant quayside path with cafés and restaurants. A nursery school and underground car park in the quay are also included in the plan.

Construction of a new tram line in the area and a new travel centre on Stenpiren is fully under way. The tram line will connect Brunnsparken with Järntorget, via Skeppsbron, with services 1 and 9 set to operate the route from autumn 2015.

Situated on Stenpiren and opened in January 2016, Stenpiren Travel Centre incorporates a waiting room, Pressbyrån shop, florist, café, sushi bar and open-air terrace on the quayside. Accessible for all, the centre includes guidepaths in the floor for those with impaired vision as well as accessibility-adapted stops.

The new housing in Skeppsbron will become occupied in 2019. At least 25 percent of the residences will be available on a rental basis.

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