RiverCity Gothenburg – Open to the world

The RiverCity Gothenburg vision lays out the blueprint for the development of Gothenburg. The project is a component of the West Swedish Package, the aim of which is to reinforce and expand the entire region. Here are a selection of the project’s future objectives:

RiverCity Gothenburg is open – inwards towards Gothenburg and West Sweden – and outwards to the world. It is a meeting point for old and new; the known and the unknown. In the city, people feel a strong sense of community and there is
always scope for new initiatives. The area is vibrant and inviting as well as unique and individual.

In RiverCity Gothenburg, there is a warm atmosphere alongside an ethos of involvement and participation. The area is growing in line with our needs and wishes. RiverCity Gothenburg is inclusive. A meeting place for everyone, regardless of age and background. Children, young people and adults meet, play and learn from each other. While a long-term sustainable city is being planned, there is scope for more short-term solutions between buildings that promote diversity and flexibility. Some are here for just a short while; others will remain in the long term.

RiverCity Gothenburg is close to the water. The waterfront and quays are buzzing with activity. Ships, ferries, and leisure craft make their way up and down the river, mooring at the quayside from time to time. RiverCity Gothenburg is green. Superior access to renewable energy, effective public transport and interconnected paths for pedestrians and cyclists make it easier to live sustainably. The quays protect against flooding while also bringing us closer to the water.

RiverCity Gothenburg is dense, offering a wide variety of meeting places and activities. RiverCity Gothenburg is dynamic, with culture and industry developing side by side, inspiring each other. The industrial side of the city brings out the best of a knowledge-intensive Gothenburg filled with new innovations. New forms of collaboration offer added impetus to the development of the regional centre, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. RiverCity Gothenburg has an international reputation.

Below you can download the full vision in PDF format, and find out more about the RiverCity Gothenburg vision and its strategies.

Fundamental to the realisation of RiverCity Gothenburg is the West Swedish Package, which encompasses a series of major investments in public transport, railway and roads in the Gothenburg region. The package is based on a collaboration between the City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland, the Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR), Region Halland, the Swedish Transport Administration and Västtrafik. Scheduled to be completed by 2028, it includes Västlänken and the new Hisingen bridge. You can find out more about the package and its sub-projects here.

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