How the vision took shape

RiverCity Gothenburg spans large parts of central Gothenburg running along both sides of the river. The project group of RiverCity Gothenburg was tasked with devising a vision and strategy for the area, which was formerly adopted by the City Municipal Board in Gothenburg on 11 October 2012.

This vision and strategy were conceived in dialogue with the public of Gothenburg in order to gain the perspective of the city as a whole. These dialogues started up in the autumn of 2010 with a series of open lunches held in Älvrummet, at which various people presented their ideas for the future of the city. Discussions continued later in different forms. The two largest initiatives were the RiverCity Gothenburg international workshop in the summer of 2011 and the dialogues with the public held in autumn 2011. The RiverCity Gothenburg workshop featured 80 experts from around the world who were given the task of conceiving the best ideas for River City Gothenburg, while dialogues were held with people from all over the city in a number of forms. A total of 2,800 people submitted contributions to the vision.

Want to find out more about the methods and processes used to shape the vision? Visit for more information about the project group’s mandate from the City Executive Board, under the direction of the City Board.