Land Allocation

How can a Land Allocation Agreement be secured in RiverCity Gothenburg?
All Land Allocation is processed via, where you can also find out more about current and future Land Allocation. You can also file an application for Land Allocation at the site in relation to an area of interest.

A new Land Allocation process was adopted in the City of Gothenburg in 2014.
Prior to new development of City-owned land, interested parties are invited to file Land Allocation applications. A Land Allocation Agreement entitles an interested party, during a specific period and in line with certain conditions, to negotiate with the City on the preconditions for completion of new developments in specific areas of land which the City owns.

Riverside Development Company and the Property Management Administration are now managing all Land Allocations via the common portal at This new procedure was adopted to ensure a more straightforward, transparent and open Land Allocation process, with greater opportunities for smaller developers. In support of this common process, the City’s Land Allocation policy is also being updated.

Frihamnen Phase 1 was the first Land Allocation to use the integrated model. The consortium was formed at the beginning of 2015, and planning work is now fully under way.