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Embrace the water

Gothenburg is a seaport, with water in its soul. A river city.

However, the city’s historical relationship with the water has gradually eroded, and must be recreated. We will do this by developing the shipping industry in partnership with the City and creating new meeting places on the water featuring a network of small green spaces, bathing areas and quayside paths.

This includes ambitious environmental initiatives encompassing smart systems for green technologies, urban farming and sustainable models for transport and surface water. Renewable energy, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a commitment to seamless, car-free transportation are other key components of our strategy.

Our plans must also take into account the global issue of rising sea-levels through adoption of a 100-year perspective. This means dimensioning each district at a safe height in order to cope with future water levels. However, we must retain a creative approach to these measures to ensure the city continues to embrace the water.