RiverCity Gothenburg will raise the profile of Gothenburg worldwide. The City of Gothenburg has decided to use RiverCity Gothenburg as a test-bed for new models and technologies – socially, environmentally and economically. We will do this by capitalising on our strengths in the lead-up to 2021, working in a way that attracts attention and interest in what we are doing. As we plan for the area in the long term, we will make it accessible here and now through short-term measures and activities.

There are many common issues which are addressed through co-operation in focus groups. These groups work to conceive models and tools designed to facilitate development and planning work.

The work of the focus groups varies somewhat, but currently involves the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Test-bed
  • Temporary measures
  • Lundbyleden/Hamnbanan
  • Dialogue with the public
  • Dialogue with industry
  • Water and climate
  • Socially mixed housing
  • Parking

Effective co-operation with the 2021 anniversary organisation is also of great importance. You can read more about its work here: goteborg2021.com

The City of Gothenburg is seeking to collaborate with the best possible expertise and harness the best methods available. Among others, the RiverCity Gothenburg project collaborates with Mistra Urban Futures and the Johanneberg and Lindholmen Science Parks, while a project is under way (financed by the Vinnova Sustainable, Attractive Cities initiative) in which the City of Gothenburg has joined forces with Mistra Urban Futures and Johanneberg Science Park to develop a new innovation platform. Gothenburg’s innovation platform will be used by the City and RiverCity Gothenburg as a test-bed, focusing on Sustainable lifestyles, A city for everyone and Smart energy systems.