The planning process

The planning process starts with an idea, normally about building something new. This idea could come from the property owner or local authority.

Application for planning notice
If the idea impacts on the existing local development plan, an application for planning notice must be filed.

Programme prior to local development plan
The local development plan does not have to be preceded by a programme. However, if a programme is drawn up, the context in which the relevant area is located must be studied.

Programme council
During the consultation period, stakeholders in the area and various consultation bodies have the opportunity to leave feedback. Following the consultation phase, the results are accounted for in a consultation report. Final reporting takes place in the building committee.

Consultation – local development plan 
Where a programme consultation is carried out, the programme is reworked into an actual plan proposal. The plan is issued for consultation, and stakeholders have the opportunity to leave feedback on a more concrete proposal.

Review – local development plan
Following the consultation phase, a final local development plan is submitted for review for a period of at least three weeks.

Following any minor modifications, the plan proposal is referred to the building committee for adoption.

Legal force 
Where the plan is not subject to appeal, or an appeal is rejected, it will take legal effect and may be implemented.

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